Retirement at last

“Like a waltz in the skillet……


For nearly 4 decades these words have greeted countless people as they open their menu’s to start the experience of a meal at the Fawn Brook.  Enjoying a meal here is so much more than savoring the kaleidoscope of flavors. It’s about feeling like part of the Groicher family. It’s about creating a memory to be cherished. It’s about being welcomed in to a family, not merely enjoying a meal at an ordinary restaurant.   Walking through the doors of the Fawn Brook is feeling as if they were invited to a dinner with friends. Many who come to the Fawn Brook continue to come year after year, making the trip a family tradition of their own. Knowing that our small little mountain restaurant has made such an impact on family memories fills our hearts that words just can’t express.   It is stories like these that make closing our doors especially hard.


As a community, Allenspark isn’t just a small group of neighbors that live in the same zip code. We are a community that takes care of each other.  We’ve celebrated together and we’ve mourned together. These moments have created a bond that we all feel when our doors are open for benefit dinners, fundraisers and community traditions. One of our most cherished traditions is that of Christmas Eve. The gathering of so many families truly shows the spirit and love we have for one another in our town. Of all the events that have been held in our home this is one that will always warm our hearts and bring us joy for years to come.


The restaurant is only one small piece of that holds our family history together. We moved here when Kajetan and Adrieke were just small children. Their childhood memories are all pieced together with so many families here. From lifelong friends that became family to building their work ethic at Meeker Park, their lives were formed by so many of you and their childhood adventures exploring every part of our special town. Not a day goes by that they aren’t grateful for all the lessons and memories. For our grandkids, you’ve welcomed them as if they are your own. They too have created childhood memories of Allenspark. They hear the stories of their parents’ escapades and they can picture themselves in their shoes as they’ve explored and experienced the same places. It’s as if pieces of them are also scattered with those of Kajetan and Adrieke all over the town. Never will they forget being part of what makes Allenspark so incredibly special.


So now has come the time for our last waltz.   It is with a whole myriad of emotions that we announce that on August 12, we will hold our final dinner service. We are so grateful that we will be starting our next adventure—retirement! We would like you to celebrate this next chapter with us as we hold an open house on August 20 from 12:00-3:00.   Please join us for this special day as we reminisce, reflect and celebrate our time with each and every one of you.


All our love,

The Groicher Family