About Hermann and Mieke Groicher

Hermann Goicher was born in 1936 to Kajetan and Hermine Groicher in the small mountain village of St. Lambrecht, Austria.  He shared his daily responsibilities on the family farm with his eleven siblings.  After eighteen years in the small community, Hermann traveled to Switzerland to start a career in the hotel/restaurant business.  After a three-year study, he was advised to start traveling and working in different places to enrich his knowledge and to gain new perspectives.

Mieke Groicher was born in 1935 to Hendrik and Adriana Hoogendoorn in the town of Gouda, Holland.  She followed in her mother’s footsteps and has a profound gift for helping people, which led her to the path of becoming a nurse.  Mieke’s nursing career brought her from Holland to England and to Wattenwil, Switzerland in 1966.  One of her patients was Hermann’s Aunt Fanny.  Hermann had come to Switzerland to visit with his aunt and met Mieke.  There was an instant attraction and three days later they were engaged to be married.  Six months later, they were married- almost fortyfive years ago!

Hermann’s culinary skills continued to grow and in 1969 he had the opportunity to move to Boulder, Colorado, to work as the head chef at the Greenbriar Restaurant.  Their family grew with the addition of their son Kajetan in 1970 and their daughter Adrieke in 1973.

During a family trip to the mountains in 1979, they found the Fawn Brook Inn.  At the time it was family restaurant and just happened to be for sale.    With their friends, Jim and Lucielle Morehouse, the partners purchased the business and began major renovations.  In addition to remodeling the restaurant portion, the upper floor was converted into a home for Hermann, Mieke, and their children.  In 1985 Hermann and Mieke bought out their partners and became the sole owners of the restaurant.

Since 1979, the Fawn Brook Inn and the Groicher family have been known not only for Hermann’s fine food, but for their hospitality.  Mieke’s presence in the restaurant is equal to that of Hermann’s with her grace and genuine character.  The restaurant still thrives today with a clientele that comes from all over the world to enjoy the magical experience of dining at the Fawn Brook Inn.  It has become not only a place for far away visitors, but for the local residents as well.  It hosts an annual Christmas Eve service, charity dinners, community lunches, soup ministry, Fourth of July popsicles, family celebrations, and engagements.  It is a destination for annual anniversary and birthday dinners and is a much anticipated occasion for customers and friends.  The Fawn Brook is a destination where everyone who visits immediately feels like family.